Production series: VMM
(vacuum massage blender)

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(cooling vacuum massage blender)
Production sizes: 150 to 600 Liters
(Special sizes available on request)

The following meat technological processes may be realised by using a mechanical control gear without having to alter or disassemble any of the working tools.
1. Blender setting: U p r i g h t   c o n t a i n e r, a twin-blade blending and massaging arm with a wiper rotates inside the container enabling fast blending/mixing of products under vacuum.
2. Massage setting: R o t a t i n g   c o n t a i n e r, inside which the twin-blade blending arm rotates, providing very soft massage for products and producing tender products..
For targeted soft massage of cured goods, for initial salting, blending and mixing of processing material or sausage and meat mixtures. Reduces loss of product and provides lasting improvement of product quality.

S p e c i f i c a t i o n s

(K)VMM 150 300 600
Vessel volume 150 Liter 300 Liter 600 Liter
Filling amount 90 kg 180 kg 360 kg
Dimensions LxWxH 1400x950x1520 mm 1700x950x1850 mm 2000x1430x2150 mm
Weight 280 kg (350 kg) 730 kg (830 kg) 1430 kg (1530 kg)
Container speed 2 - 25 rpm infinitely variable 2 - 25 rpm infinitely variable 2 - 25 rpm infinitely variable
Vacuum pump suction 21 m³/h 21 m³/h 21 m³/h
Vacuum, sensor controlled 0...-0,9 bar 0...-0,9 bar 0...-0,9 bar
Electric connected load 3,3 kW 4,0 kW 6,5 kW
        Technical changes reserved !