MASSAGE SYSTEMS, swivel-mounted

Production series: SMA
(soft massage system)

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(soft cooled massage system)
Production sizes: 1500 to 3000 Liter
(Special sizes available on request)

State-of-the-art robust industrial technology intensive soft massage. .

Tumbling inside r o t a t i n g and h y d r a u l i c   s w i v el m o u n t e d massaging container with soft massaging baffle for special products.

  • Reduction of chemical additives --> distinct, clean end products
  • Full yield increase
  • Extra fast strong red colour development
  • Considerably reduced processing time, greater throughput per week, faster product availability
  • User-friendly operations, filling, emptying and cleaning

S p e c i f i c a t i o n s

S(K)MA 1500 3000
Vessel volume 1500 Liter 3000 Liter
Filling amount 900 kg 1800 kg
Dimensions LxWxH 2800x2000x2100 mm 4150x2180x2380 mm
Weight 2100 kg (2250 kg) 3100 kg (3300 kg)
Required room height 2600 mm 2800 mm
Container speed 2 to 16 rpm infinitely variable 2 to 12 rpm infinitely variable
Vacuum pump suction 40 m³/h 63 m³/h
Vacuum, sensor controlled 0...-0,9 bar 0...-0,9 bar
Electric connected load 7,0 kW (9,0 kW) 8,5 kW (11,0 kW)
                  Technical changes reserved !
(Dimensions stated in relation to machine with integrated control box. Cooling unit available for external installation on request.)