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Production series: KM 3.2
Colloid mill

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  KM 4.1
Colloid mill

Colloid mills are tried and tested devices for the production of fine sausage mixtures. Compared with other methods colloid technology offers convincing advantages, in particular for smaller and medium-size butcher’s shops.

Even raw rinds can be crushed so finely that they are fit for scalded and boiled sausages.

Colloid mills not only have stood the test of meat processing but are equally suitable for food processing (sauces, mayonnaises, baby-food), pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, enamels and paints.

S p e c i f i c a t i o n s

  KM 3.2 KM 4.1
Crushing system Conical grinder set Conical grinder set
Crushing grade Infinitely variable Infinitely variable
max. throughput performance kg/h 1800 2800
Hopper volume 30 30
Dimensions Length mm 570 570
Width mm 520 520
Height mm 1300 1300
Weight kg 250 380
Discharge height above floor level mm 650 650
Total connected load 11 22
Voltage/frequency V/Hz 4x400/50 4x400/50

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